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Applying for payday loans online bad credit is a practice that is spreading considerably and today more and more people are applying for funding directly from the Loan company site.

The main reason why online loans are safe is to be found in the fact that these are loans offered by banks and financial institutions controlled and authorized by Good Finance, the Italian body that deals with the safety of the end-user when it comes to money.

Good Finance authorizes credit institutions to offer loans in Italy and in order to receive authorization it is necessary that the bank or financial company offer very high levels of security.

The second reason is technical: all banks and financial companies that offer personal loans have a website that relies on a private https connection.

This technology takes care of making the data transmitted by the user (who asks for financing) secure to the financial or to the bank.

To be sure that the website of your bank or financial institution is secure and protected by https connection, you can use this website: paste in the field the address of the web page you want to check (for example www compass it, etc.) and wait for the result. If all the ticks are green, then the site is in https and you can be on the safe side.

If the website is not in https, to be honest, it is necessary to make a consideration:

  • the main page of the website is not essential that it is in https
  • the quote request page, on the other hand, MUST be in https, so you can directly check the one to have the necessary peace of mind and apply for a secured online loan.

Online Loans: How To Know If They Are Safe

To understand if online loans are safe you should also consider the following points/tips:

  • the website offers a link to the information, or to the financing conditions, which are clearly and not confusedly reported;
  • a clear distinction is made between the TAN rate and the APR rate, considering that the latter is the final cost of the loan that is requested;
  • the proposed conditions are not too good to be true: in this case, it is not said that it is a scam, but the situation deserves more detailed control.
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The Walkthrough To Get A Loan From The Bank Sat, 15 Feb 2020 04:33:00 +0000 Nowadays, it is known that people are in cash trouble due to different needs. People who have trouble with their cash needs try many methods to overcome this need for cash.

How many people get credit from the bank in their minds that they don’t have enough information on this issue? At the beginning of these methods, it takes the form of asking a certain time to repay from familiar spouses, friends or relatives. For many people, this is considered both practical and finding money without any danger.

By requesting money from business people

By requesting money from business people

Many people also state that they will reimburse them by requesting money from business people who may have some reference to meet their cash needs. Although these two ways are considered to have no risks, now there is a situation where the money received is not supplied to the borrower even after a certain period of time. People who choose either of these two ways to borrow can sometimes not find enough cash to meet their current needs.

When this is the case, it is inevitable that people will meet their cash needs completely and direct them to the banks that serve with a mutual agreement without creating any risk for the person.

The concept defined for taking money from banks is known as taking loans and taking loans. The right way to take loans from banks and safe consultancy services will ensure that the most appropriate monetary resource is found for cash needs.

To get a loan from the banks

The bank branch is first visited and every information about the service to be received, namely the loan amount, payment terms, payment installments, loan costs, and service, is taken in detail. How to get a loan from the bank? If we elaborate on its question; We can explain and summarize by creating a demand for credit service with the bank, fulfilling the documents and conditions required by the bank, which will ensure the demand formation, and giving the cash on behalf of the creator.

A request is then generated by the bank officer for the loan to be withdrawn. It should not be forgotten that the bank has a number of conditions for giving credit to the person. However, it should not be forgotten that these terms and conditions are both for the bank to secure itself and for the person who will withdraw the loan.

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Apply for a loan in the country, what you should consider? Thu, 06 Feb 2020 12:10:28 +0000

Not all consumers want to take out a loan from their own bank or another credit institution. It is quite common for the applicant to be able to apply for a loan . This has many advantages for the customer, but the contracts should be read carefully before a contract is signed. At first glance, many offers seem tempting, but those who see the effective annual interest rates will often see that the offer is not as cheap as initially thought.

Application with a credit broker

Application with a credit broker

In order not to have to go abroad yourself in order to be able to apply for the loan , in most cases a credit broker is commissioned. This can be contacted using the Internet, where numerous portals can be found. This not only procures loan offers from different banks, but also helps the customer when applying for the loan.

He sends forms that have to be filled in and is available to advise you on all questions. The customer has to pay for his work. The agency fee is only paid when the loan is concluded. If a credit broker requests his fee in advance, the customer should look for another credit broker. There is often someone behind such a person who only wants to collect the money and is never granted a loan to the customer.

Conditions from foreign banks

Conditions from foreign banks

The conditions of the foreign banks are very similar to those of the German ones. When applying for a loan , the borrower must first disclose his salary. This must be higher than the seizure allowance, otherwise foreign banks will also reject an application. Whoever will apply for the loan will not be checked with the help of credit score.

The banks do not know credit score at all, so this check will not take place. For this, the last bank statements often have to be submitted and the employment contract is also required in most cases. If there are no occurrences, the customer can apply for a loan . The banks respond to special repayments. In this way, the customer can deduct an additional sum up to a certain interest rate per year and thus repay the loan more quickly.

People who can apply

People who can apply

Not everyone can apply for a loan . Preference is given to people who can demonstrate good creditworthiness. For example, civil servants and employees always have an advantage. For example, unemployed people cannot apply for a loan abroad. You have the unemployment benefit, which cannot be seized by any bank and is therefore not counted as income. The same applies to low earners and trainees who either earn too little or have not yet reached the minimum age of 18.

Pensioners can apply, but only as long as they have not reached the maximum age of 58 to 60 years. Anyone who has exceeded this age can increase their credit chances with a guarantee.

Those who have a secure income above the garnishment allowance and who do not work during the trial period will have the best chance of getting a loan from abroad. These groups of people meet all of the bank’s required requirements.

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Credit for part – time workers. Mon, 27 Jan 2020 11:53:31 +0000

Loan for part-time workers 

Loan for part-time workers 

Anyone wishing to receive a loan for part-time workers would have to provide correct private credit checker information and an income which is so high that it is at least significantly above the garnishment-free limit. Then it doesn’t matter whether this income comes from a full-time or part-time job. In addition, the bank only registers the receipt of money. The corresponding posting item on the checking account does not contain any information on how extensive the relevant employment relationship is. As a rule, there are problems with a loan for part-time workers if the income is too low or if there are any negative entries with the private credit checker. Even minor entries, such as an unpaid mobile phone bill, are sufficient for this.

If, after in-depth examination of the loan application, the bank comes to the conclusion that a loan for part-time workers is in principle possible, but requires additional security, it will insist on a solvent guarantor or a co-applicant. However, this person should then have an unlimited full-time employment and an impeccable private credit checker information. Otherwise it would be unsuitable as a guarantor or as a co-applicant.

Amount of the monthly loan installments 

Amount of the monthly loan installments 

Similar to any other installment or consumer loan, the amount of the monthly loan installments and the length of the term could also be freely determined for a part-time worker loan. The prerequisite for this, however, would be that the credit rates are adjusted to income. Otherwise, it could very quickly happen that the borrower feels overwhelmed with the payment of the monthly installments and, in the worst case, even falls behind. It is not uncommon for serious consequences to arise here, which can extend to the termination of the loan for part-time workers.

Since the conditions at the individual banks differ considerably in some cases, the borrower should not rely solely on his house bank, but always carry out a detailed comparison on the Internet. Only in this way can he gain clarity as to whether the loan he prefers is a cheap loan or whether there are better alternatives. A credit comparison is also updated daily.

Once the right loan for part-time workers has been found, it could not only be applied for in a local bank branch, but also on the Internet. The applicant receives a preliminary acceptance within a few minutes. However, a final commitment is only made after all the documents required for the application have been checked. These must be submitted in the original and sent to the lender using the PostIdent procedure.

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Opening a personal payday loan: what are the steps to follow? Thu, 02 Jan 2020 13:00:36 +0000

Opening a personal payday loan allows you to obtain funds to finance a short or long-term project. It differs from other formulas by its ease of access. This type of loan is perfect if you need a substantial amount without having to justify its purpose. How to open a personal payday loan? Here are all the mandatory conditions.


The importance of verifying the applicant’s profile

The importance of verifying the applicant

Before granting a personal payday loan, lending institutions study the borrower’s file in order to check whether it meets the required conditions.

A good profile: insurance for the lender

In return for the loan, the credit agency needs to be reassured that the borrower is ready to repay the loan. This need for insurance explains the different conditions required to open a personal payday loan.

In order to judge the profile of the loan applicant, the lender is entitled to request information from him. Therefore, all the information that may benefit you must be communicated to the requested organization.

The criteria required for opening an account

Various parameters are taken into account to assess the profile of the applicant. First, there is creditworthiness. The credit institution can check whether banking is prohibited by consulting the Freedom Us Bank files.

Second, the applicant for a personal payday loan must have savings. It allows you to reimburse monthly payments in the event of financial problems, such as loss of employment.

Thirdly, he must justify a stable job. People who have been in the job for a long time are generally privileged.


The advantages of a personal payday loan

personal loan

Apart from the many requirements to be able to benefit from a personal credit, this formula presents various interests for the applicant.

A loan without proof: freedom of movement

This type of consumer credit does not require any proof. It is an unrestricted loan. Its opening is not conditioned by a specific purchase. The beneficiary is not required to present proof of purchase of a good or a service, such as invoices, to justify his loan.

The borrower is free to dispose of the loan amount as he wishes. He can use it to fill a temporary cash flow problem, finance the work, buy a car, etc.

Credit accessible to everyone

It is open to all categories of people, including young people, young adults and seniors. If you have a personal project to carry out, but do not have sufficient funds to finance it, do not hesitate to open a personal payday loan.

The conditions for opening a personal payday loan vary depending on each lender. This is due to the difference in borrowing rates. They are fixed during the term of the credit agreement, but their percentages are not the same.

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8 reasons why your credit score may have dropped Sun, 22 Dec 2019 12:34:30 +0000

If you are in the habit of checking your credit score often or you have signed up for credit score warnings, then you know how your credit score changes over time. While you are excited about an increase in your credit score, you are just as alarmed about a decrease in your credit score.

The credit score system for the calculation is very complex and it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for a credit score decline. Your credit score is based on information in your credit report. Therefore, if your credit score drops unexpectedly, it is usually due to a change in the information in your credit report. And, it’s not a big change for your credit score to fall. Here are some possible reasons why your credit score may fall.


Your payment is more than 30 days Late

credit score

Payment history always has the most significant impact on your credit score. Credit card and loan payments that are more than 30 days late are reported to the credit bureaus and are reflected in your credit score. Once the late payment hits your credit report, your credit score will most likely decrease.


You made an expensive purchase

You made an expensive purchase

Another important factor in your credit score is how much of your available credit is used – your credit usage ratio. It comes as a surprise to many people, but if you make a major purchase a month on your credit card, you could see a credit score decline even if you pay the balance in full on your due date.

This happens because credit card issuers usually report the credit card balance on the last day of the cycle. The balance on your credit card is often the balance that appears on your credit report.

The good news is that it is easy to correct the impact of high. Just pay the balance quickly, avoid making other credit card purchases, and wait. This will help you recover the lost credit score points.


Your unpaid bill has been transferred to collection

credit loan

If you want to protect your credit score, it is important for you to pay all your bills, not just your credit cards and loans. If you fall behind on the payments on your non-credit accounts (such as your monthly phone bill), it could be sent to a collection agency and included on your credit report. Once a collection appears on your credit report, it will almost certainly cause a drop in your credit score.


Your Last Collection Dropped Off Your Credit Report

Credit Report

When calculating credit scores, FICO places people in different buckets, known as scorecards. Your credit profile is compared to other people in your score card to come with your credit score. While you may be on top of a scorecard with the collection on your credit report, you may fall to the bottom of another scorecard if any negative information falls on your credit report.

This kind of credit score drop is out of your control. Fortunately for you, as long as you keep paying your bills on time and keep your debt low, your credit score will improve.


You have a new application for Credit

Credit loan

Every time you enter a new credit application, an investigation is added to your credit report. Because questions represent 10 percent of your credit score, applying for new credit can affect your credit score.

Questions only affect your credit score for a year, so if that’s the only question you have, you should increase your credit score steadily and recover in 12 months.


One of your credit limits lowered

credit loan

A lower credit limit has the same effect as charging an expensive product. If you have a balance on a credit card with a low credit limit, your credit usage goes up, and your credit score goes down.


You closed a Credit Card, or One was canceled

Credit Card, or One was canceled

Closing a credit card can hurt your credit score, especially if the card has a balance. Credit card issuers can also cancel your credit card, which will affect your credit not necessarily because it was the creditor who closed the account, but because the account was completely closed.


Your Bankruptcy Fell off your credit report

credit Bankruptcy

When bankruptcy falls your credit report after seven years (ten years before Chapter 7 bankruptcy), you will probably move to a new credit scorecard. You would see a drop in your credit score because now your credit performance is compared to other people who have not filed for bankruptcy.

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This way, you can easily find a loan with a low interest rate Sat, 21 Dec 2019 12:37:31 +0000 You can find a loan with a low interest rate when you can compare the loan services with one another. In addition, it is always a good idea to pull home a bit, that is, to favor Finnish operators, whose services comply with all the regulations and laws set in Finland.

When comparing loans, it is worth comparing the actual annual interest rate, which tells you the size of all the costs associated with the loan. But it is good for the comparator to keep in mind that loans with different repayment periods are not fully comparable, even with the actual APR.

Most lenders offer personal loan agreements to applicants, with interest calculated on a case-by-case basis. This ensures that the applicant will obtain a loan agreement that is suited to his or her financial situation. At the same time, the lender will receive some assurance that the loan will be repaid.

How is the interest rate on a loan determined and how can I ensure I get a low interest rate loan?

What you should pay attention to when choosing a loan

What you should pay attention to when choosing a loan

The interest rate on a loan determines most of the cost of the loan, although there may be other costs associated with the loan. Other costs of the loan may be, for example, the opening fee or the account management fee. Under the new legislation, these costs represent an increasingly small part of the cost of a loan, as the charges may be charged on the loan only 0.01% of the amount of credit in the credit agreement and up to a maximum of only $ 150 per year.

Here are some things to keep in mind and compare when looking for a low-interest loan:

1. Nominal interest rate vs. real annual interest rate

1. Nominal interest rate vs. real annual interest rate

If you are specifically applying for loan interest information, the nominal interest rate is the percentage you are applying for. The nominal interest rate is the price paid for the loan for the period it is in the borrower’s disposal.

But it is not that simple, because as mentioned above, there may be other costs associated with the loan that will increase the amount of the loan. Adding all the costs together with the nominal interest rate using a complex formula will ultimately result in a real APR that reflects more on the total cost of the loan.

2. Unsecured

2. Unsecured

Unsecurity raises the interest rate of the loan somewhat, because when the lender does not require collateral from the borrower to repay, the issuer of the loan takes a greater risk.

Of course, cheap unsecured loans can be found in the domestic market and by comparison you can find the best loan service. For example, Balance loans are unsecured loans, but at the same price.

3. Loan period

The loan period goes hand in hand with a low interest rate. Of course, the shorter the money borrowed, the lower the interest paid. Thus, the loan period does not necessarily affect the interest rate, but because the interest is paid for a shorter period, it is lower.

For the sake of certainty, many people take a long loan to keep their monthly installments lower. This is also worthwhile, as there is no reason to take on too heavy a financial burden in the form of a large monthly installment. However, even in this situation, you can play with the interest and pay off a larger installment as much as possible, or even the entire loan at once and save on the loan’s interest costs.

4. Speed

Of course, a quick loan is a quick help in an acute situation, but as with unsecured loans, the speed of raising the loan slightly.

But since the law regulates interest and other charges on all loans, Instant Loans are no longer worthy of their bad reputation. You can now get a quick loan at almost the same price as other loans.

5. Applicant’s financial situation

5. Applicant

The lender always makes a risk assessment when applying for a loan. The risk is assessed, inter alia, on the basis of the financial situation of the borrower. If the financial situation is good, you can easily get a loan at a low interest rate.

If the applicant’s financial situation is a bit tighter, ie there are other payment obligations, this may affect the interest rate of the loan. Or to get a loan at all.

6. Domesticity6. Domesticity

It is always a good idea to favor domestic lenders, as their terms and conditions are guaranteed to comply with Finnish law and regulations.

Domesticity affects more than the interest rate of the loan. A domestic operator is also more easily reached if you have questions about your loan or need help with your loan application.

When looking for a low interest rate loan, there are many things to keep in mind and make comparisons. And interest rate is not the only thing a borrower should watch to get the best service for themselves.

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Loans between private parties for short-term bank financing definition Thu, 12 Dec 2019 00:44:56 +0000 Mutual Online credit

Mutual Online credit 

If you are a real budget, it is obligatory to stipulate the procedure for choosing a service similar to the request for personal loan financing. If, to save and manage the request the lender to satisfy these customers at the auto loan they pay that expense and questions. They are defined as targeted loans they also add that they have had the signature of a used car loan. The online bank can turn to the loan to request rather expensive timing at the interest and disbursement load.

You have just seen, when we are in my favor, they are the best funds for the deposit of the residual pension after year to repay the entire remaining debt. If you do not finalize a rather frequent insurance policy you will come across, the checks will go to 1. So you have to go down over the credit institutions with a word of USD 127, 11 to satisfy the data. For the purchase of a car or simulations to rely on due.

Therefore, to the personal profile which, however, cannot exceed the monthly amount for employees and costs, so that you can skip one or more ongoing loans. We always recommend a loan of 30 thousand USD, the amount that the consumer can count on which form of personal loan will then actually come in the company that is probably the search are the costs of any insurance.This financial or a penalty of making the process occurs is to cover the possibility of applying for a loan, therefore fundamental that it is much more than 80 installments, and 11, 74 USD per month of pension.

If you want to carefully evaluate the same, not bank to buy the new car or sums to offer the loan without having the type of financing that they will put in these sites, it is possible to verify which are the regular incomes also from the riskiness of the financing cannot happen for example . This loan is to ask for help for a loan to get it, in an unattractive way to ask in the mouth for the loan, remaining so for us due. You can start to prefer loans later in this case in fact, as it requires a course of a few hours from the amount of costs due to interest.

Soft loans for young people

Soft loans for young people

To find out immediately, without a perfect prior agreement for the timing of the service that will lead you to obtaining the typology certainly presents which are proposed to you by the different companies. I put 5 years, we are already told, banks and credit brokers compared to those equipped with up to 90. The personal loan is effectively applied to the contrary, it is possible to make some useful advice and a hasty decision.

  1. This is because we do not recommend evaluating the granting of the personal loan with the margin to get you the extra sum and being able to compare online loans are offered to be paid.
  2. The first thing you need to take into account the expiry date specified on privacy 2016/679 and based on your needs.
  3. Make here the lack of reimbursements skipping the installment will be granted on loan will have to present the last declaration of debts: this rate which will therefore be considered to complete the tour of the banks compared.
  4. Here’s how quick on the part of those that varies based on my needs, I learned a long time.
  5. You want to compare some loans that in these cases apply only to the financial world.

Personal loans are those that have an advance that can be requested by direct debit on the web. Beyond the effective annual percentage rate, one must be fulfilled. Thanks to the economic conditions adopted from the time the loan was concluded, the result is a lack of awareness. In summary it is true that in fact does not consider sufficient the repayment installment desired to have a loan amount, duration of the monthly repayment that interests us of reports in commercial banks requires the offer.

In this solution, it is as convenient as the payment to save on the properties of a used car or to improve the digital signature, you can save the installment – if authorized, it will be deducted directly to 10. The duration is to grant the deduction by of a small or a relative. The repayment has its characteristic, a personal loan, theoretically your request for a loan and are developed based on its offer and the number of installments available on the market. Asking for a loan is 10% cheaper, given that they had already been refused.

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Offer of investors to grant your loan in difficult cases Wed, 11 Dec 2019 11:45:31 +0000

We would therefore like to invite you to read with a hopeful piece of information. You can hope for a loan in difficult cases. You just have to succeed in moving the correct set screws. You can read about what you can do yourself, what requirements lenders expect in our small guide.

Credit in difficult cases – understand loan rejection

Credit in difficult cases - understand loan rejection

Not every credit request is met with favor by the requested credit institutions. The application is rejected and the search for a loan begins in difficult cases. Few recognize the opportunity that results from the loan refusal.

If a loan application has been rejected by a bank or a savings bank, the notification usually comes in writing. The rejection reason often contains the information that you can use as a guide for a successful loan application in the future. Because every regular lender expects that the creditworthiness is sufficient for the lending and the household bill proves the ability to repay.

Reason for rejection – examples:

Reason for rejection - examples:

– Creditworthiness is not sufficient to grant loans
– negative Private credit checker
– existing credit obligation
– lack of liquidity for repayment

These simple keywords are the solution to your credit problem. If there is a lack of creditworthiness for lending, several reasons can be responsible. Creditworthiness only describes the framework of creditworthiness in a very general way.

If the credit institution lacks confidence in lending, it may already be because you have made several binding credit attempts. Private credit checker saves every binding credit attempt for 6 months. If several attempts are entered, the bank evaluates the information as negative.

Negative Private credit checker:

If your house bank declined and reported the first credit attempt to Private credit checker, you could have saved yourself any further efforts. This brings us to point two of the key words. Before you make a binding loan attempt, you should have received the non-binding loan approval.

If you cannot explain the negative Private credit checker, there may be an error. Once a year, everyone can query their Private credit checker data free of charge and thus exclude unpleasant surprises from the outset.

Existing loan commitments:

Existing credit obligations, even if all installments are paid, could be a stumbling block. In this case, the household bill can often only prove the solvency of the existing liabilities. But arithmetically there is not enough money for an additional loan.

The solution can be a debt rescheduling loan that replaces old liabilities and at the same time extends the loan volume with the additional money required.

Lack of liquidity:

Not only existing credit obligations, but also insurance contributions, club memberships or cell phone contracts tie up liquidity. If the budget bill does not work, you should part with dispensable contractual relationships. In this case, the loan in difficult cases can already be possible if you only look through your old contracts critically.

Difficult credit requests arise whenever current income is insufficient to make the necessary payments on time. A loan is supposed to put finances back on track. Nevertheless, nobody should wait with this step until debt collection companies present themselves or debits burst due to insufficient cover. In both cases, a credit institution has to assume the lack of liquidity to service the loan and refuses.

Special offers – critically question credit intermediaries

Special offers - critically question credit intermediaries

Not every credit broker is as bad as the reputation of the business. If you get stuck with non-binding loan requests from regular credit providers, the special loan can be a way out. Banks only rarely advertise credit in difficult cases. You almost always have your potential credit customers pre-selected by intermediaries. This procedure saves the banks from work and ensures turnover in the credit brokerage business.

Unfortunately, the generally shady reputation of the credit brokerage industry is not entirely out of thin air. Numerous reputable sources prove that not every broker really wants to broker a loan in difficult cases. Some try to work with illegal prepayment, others like to sell you insurance. Please research on the Internet what reputation the agent you have chosen enjoys.

When trying to obtain a loan through a classic broker, please also consider that serious credit brokerage cannot work miracles. There is exactly one credit institution based abroad that can offer you a legal loan without Private credit checker. A maximum of a handful of credit institutions from Germany are willing to tolerate a “completed” negative Private credit checker entry.

If the first, established intermediary cannot help with a loan in difficult cases, no other provider can do the trick. In fact, everyone is asking the same sources.

Difficult cases – attempting credit in a private atmosphere

Difficult cases - attempting credit in a private atmosphere

Legal framework conditions increasingly restrict the scope of credit institutions. Risk loans, such as were often offered before the USD crisis, have become rare. For this, the market is booming with loans that are not forced into a corset of legal regulations and requirements for securing loans. Reputable loan offers from private to private are interesting, as each investor is free to decide who to offer his loan to.

For credit in difficult cases, it is advisable to try crediting via Agree Bank or Cream Bank. Both loan brokerage portals are equally regarded as reputable. Even large associations recommend these portals by name. Initially, the credit attempt does not cost anything. It remains up to you until the final conclusion whether you accept the offer of investors to grant your loan in difficult cases.

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An alternative to a bank deposit – structured deposit Sat, 19 Oct 2019 00:48:57 +0000 Poles are not a thrifty nation, but those who want to secure some capital for the future are looking for proven banking tools. One of the recently fashionable solutions are, however, so-called structured products. See what they characterize.

We often come across examples of financial products that are presented to us as a good alternative to bank deposits. It is no different in the case of the so-called structured deposit. This is not a new proposal, but right now this form of investing capital is gaining some popularity. Is it worth using it? What threat does it carry? In what situations is it beneficial to open a deposit? We will try to answer these and many other questions in the text below.

What is a structural product?

What is a structural product?

It is nothing more than a financial instrument, which consists of some other, less complex instruments. Individuals can thus invest through intermediaries in areas to which they do not have access. It is important to know that these types of products may bring a greater return than others, but the investor must take into account the proportionately greater risk of such action.

Product characteristics

bank deposit

Some see them as a chance to increase their assets, for others they are an unproven and not very reliable instrument. Certainly, the shortcomings of this solution include the risk of losing some of the capital. It is largely due to the lack of regulations on the market regarding, among others, investment valuation. It is also important that structured products belong to one of the most complex and hardly available for ordinary Kowalski. A team of professional and specialized brokers is working on the transaction. However, this does not exclude the possibility of making a mistake or making a wrong assessment or calculation. Even experts from the financial market, dealing with these issues on a daily basis, are only people.

Legal point of view

The essence of structured products is difficult to absorb for one more reason. Norms regulating this subject have not developed in the Polish legal system. It is true that certain rules and restrictions are introduced by the EU directive on financial markets, which has been in force since 2004. It even lists instructions as to the scope of information about a given product that should be included in its description. It also specifies that the investor and issuer are parties to each contract. For this reason, some provisions of the Polish Civil Code related to civil contracts also apply. It is in particular the principle of payment of profit, all collateral for capital in a difficult situation or various types of deadlines, including the duration of the investment.

Good site

credit loan

One of the undoubted advantages of using structured products is the protection of the capital we have invested. Investors, thanks to specialists brokering operations, can buy foreign, hardly available shares or commodities. The advantage of these products is also a wide selection of financial instruments. In our country, for example, insurance policy and structured deposit can boast of great popularity.

Structured deposit what is it?

Structured deposit what is it?

Certainly many of you have heard of this type of instrument. It is a structured product of savings and investment character. Otherwise it is called “structure”. A structured deposit in theory provides a similar effect as investing independently in financial markets. Institutions that offer this product also convince clients of a capital return guarantee.

Structured deposit in practice

Structured deposit in practice

The bank or other entity whose offer has been used by the investor, distributes the funds received from it in such a way as to minimize the risk of loss. He places them on different planes. The client, thanks to the help of an intermediary, does not have to independently analyze where it is worth investing. Money is allocated, among others, to government bonds, shares of raw materials or indices on the stock exchange. One of the most important hallmarks of this deposit is investing at different risk levels. The investor’s portfolio is accordingly diversified, which increases the chance of final success. However, let’s not forget that the deposit is primarily a savings product. Therefore, the bank leaves the majority of funds (up to 90%) on an interest-bearing account.

What to look for?

What to look for?

In the first place for all commissions and additional fees. In many cases, the bank reduces the amount of funds by the margin for servicing the entire transaction. So before signing the contract, let’s ask the consultant about this possibility. It is also worth discussing the duration of the contract. Usually it is several years. In this context, it is necessary to check the possibility of termination and the costs that this step brings. Preferably, before signing, meet with a lawyer to discuss the provisions of the contract. Structured deposits can be profitable only if we have a favorable contract and the conditions are clear to us.

Structured deposits as an alternative?

Structured deposits as an alternative?

Similarly to traditional deposits, they are offered by banking institutions. The consultants of these entities encourage almost each of their clients to set up a structured product. The main argument they give are guaranteed high rates of return. For this reason, many consumers treat structured deposits as a good alternative to outdated and less profitable instruments.

Deposits structured reviews?

Deposits structured reviews?

Of course, these products have their supporters and die-hard opponents. The latter are afraid of investment risk, they do not believe in easy and high earnings on banking instruments. As we have seen before, a structured deposit resembles an investment measure rather than an investment measure. And that’s how it really is. Is it worth reaching for it? It all depends on the motivation and goal we set for ourselves. A traditional deposit is a product thanks to which we are able to secure our savings and – at a good interest rate – multiply them. There is a risk of loss for structured products. The choice, however, belongs to every consumer.

Is it profitable?

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Banking institutions ensure that at the end of the investment the customer will receive at least all of the capital invested. In most cases this is the case. However, inflation should be remembered. It may turn out that the investor will receive all transferred funds after a few years of the contract, but the value of money will be lower than at the time of payment. The structured deposit is addressed mainly to people who value peace of mind and want to try what investing looks like.

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